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en Viajes exóticos: "Hasta ahí arriba hemos subido" en la galería Shinjuku

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WncOHsUo (13-06-2013): After I read the articles about mesntor parents all the blood in my body is boiling. The parents that who make unreasonable demands of their children’s schools or teachers are either lost their moral or too protective to the child. When I first saw the word “Monster Parents” I thought it will be the parents that are making unreasonable demands to their children not children’s schools or teacher. I think that education should have a basic standard that everyone should follow, so that the new generations are able to withstand the society pressure after they start working.As in the articles, and in real balanced society parents are suppose to be apologizing for their children mistake instead of finding a reason to protect their children from being punished. As the article mentioned Japanese parents’ are used to be apologizing for their children mistake, but where is that attitude went? Is it because of nowadays most parents nowadays label teacher as a very low profession? I am very agree to one of the comment I saw in the articles. “Elevating each child to the same level is not doing the kid a favor. By learning to cope with small disappointments (like not being chosen to be Snow White in the school play) children learn to cope with the big disappointments that life will eventually throw at them.” I as an Asian have always thought that Japanese are patience, read whenever they can, and very polite. Their culture should be like that, but after “Monster Parents” appear all this good value will be demolished easily. This is a very bad life cycle. First, education is very important for children so they can get the basic knowledge in how to survive in the real society when they grow up. “Monster Parents” being too protective for their child will become obstacle for their children to be able to withstand society pressure and learning how to strive for success in the future. Children that are being over protected by their parents will eventually receive pressure during work or from the society and felt difficult to cope with. This will increase the rate of committing suicide.Therefore the final results of too many “Monster Parents” will make several negative issues emerge from the society in the long run. 1. Unproductive worker due to the lack of knowledge. 2. Higher committing suicide rate due to unable to cope with new element “pressure” 3. More unreasonable generations which make all the good culture inherit by Japanese perish. With all these negative effects Japan can face serious problem in their economy and their society if the government do not find a good way to stop “Monster Parents” unreasonable request. I hope that the Japan’s education are able to produce the generation that are able to withstand pressure in the society, strive for success and inherit all the good value that Japanese should have. Let’s hope that Japan’s government are able to successfully deal with this issues so that Japan will not face terrible “Monster Parents” effect at the end.Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
c8bxOdO8Vzq (15-07-2016): Just do me a favor and keep writing such trneahcnt analyses, OK?Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1

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Comentar "Hasta ahí arriba hemos subido" en la galería Shinjuku



Noooo puedes pasaaaaaar!!

escribe lo que ves arriba, escribe lo que ves arriba, no lo entiendo...



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